List of Martyrs

Hanged at Alipore Jail (Old and New)

SL No. Name and Details Place of Execution/
Date of Execution Image
1 Kanailal Dutta
S/O Chunilal
Chandannagar, Dist. Hooghly, West Bengal. Executed on Nov.10, 1908 for shooting dead approver Narendra Goswami inside jail.
He died unperturbed on the gallows in the Old Alipore Central Jail on 10 November 1908. His martyrdom was commemorated by the public during and after his cremation, much to the displeasure of the British government.
Old Alipore Jail (Harinbari-Presidency 10th November,1908 Kanailal Dutta
2 Satyendra Nath Bosu (aka. Satyendranath Bose or Satyen Bose)
S/O Abhoycharan

Midnapore, West Bengal. Executed on  Nov.21,1908  for  shooting  dead approver Narendra Goswami (Gossain) outside the Old Alipore jail hospital.
He was one of the founders of the Ananda Math, a revolutionary secret society in Midnapore, and when Khudiram Bose’s Sedition Case was filed at the Lower Court, Satyendranath was dismissed from his job for having connections with Khudiram Bose. In the Maniktala NoteBook, the name of Satyendranath appeared as the captain of the Midnapore Party. Subsequently, he was convicted in the Midnapore Arms Act and sentenced to two monthsí rigorous imprisonment. He was also a suspect in Maniktala Bomb Case, and while imprisoned in Alipore Jail, he and Kanailal Datta killed the approver, Naren Gossain, on 31 st August 1908.
Executed in Old Alipore Jail (Harinbari present Presidency Jail) 21st November, 1908 Satyendra Nath Bosu
3 Charu Chandra Bose
S/O Keshablal
Khulna (now in Bangladesh). Executed on March 19,  1909  for  shooting  dead Ashutosh  Biswas,  Public  Prosecutor  of  Alipore  Bomb  case  inside  Jorabagan  Court premises.
Charu Chandra was physically challenged but did not let his physical condition deter him from contributing to the cause of India’s freedom.
Alipore Central Jail
(Old) (Haribari- Present Presidency Jail)
19th March,1909 Charu Chandra Bose
4 Birendranath Datta Gupta,
S/O Umacharan

Dacca  (now   in  Bangladesh).  He  shot dead  D.S.P.  Shamsul  Alam  in  Calcutta  High  Court  premises.  Alam  was  the  prime investigator in the Alipore Conspiracy case. He was executed on Feb. 21, 1910
Alipore Central Jail (Old)Present Presidency Jail 21st February, 1910 Birendranath Datta Gupta
5 Gopinath Saha (Gopimohan)
S/O Bijoykrishna

Serampur, Dist.  Hooghly,  West Bengal.  Executed  on  March  1,  1924  for shooting dead an English civilian, mistaking him as Police Commissioner Tegart.
Old Alipore Central Jail (Present Presidency 1st March, 1924 Gopinath Saha
6 Pramode Ranjan Choudhury
S/O Ishan Choudhury

On 28 May 1926 Choudhury and other fellow revolutionary inmates killed the infamous deputy superintendent of police, Bhupen Chatterjee with an iron rod. Chatterjee was notorious for the mistreatment of undertrials and for spying on them. Executed on 28th September, 1926.
Alipore Central Jail (New Central Jail). 28th September, 1926 Pramode Ranjan Choudhury
7 Ananta Hari Mitra
S/O Ramlal

was sentenced to  death for killing D.I.B. officer Bhupen Chatterjee inside the Jail where he was  detained as an undertrial prisoner in Dakshineswar Bomb case. Executed on Sept. 28, 1926 in Alipore Central Jail (New Central Jail).
Alipore Central Jail (New Central Jail) 28th September, 1926 Ananta Hari Mitra
8 Ramakrishna Biswas
S/0 Durgakripa

Chittagong (now  in  Bangladesh).  Born January  16,  1910.  He  shot  dead  Inspector  Tarini  Mukherjee  at  Chandpur,  Comilla (now in Bangladesh) mistaking him as Craig, l.G. of Police. Executed on August 4, 1931.
An active member of Surya Sen's revolutionary group, Biswas with fellow revolutionaries planned to assassinate Mr. Craig, the Inspector General of Police for Chittagong. On 1 December 1930, along with Kalipada Chakravarty, Biswas went to Chandpur station, but mistakenly killed a rail inspector, Tarini Mukherjee, instead of Craig. Biswas and Chakravarty were arrested on 2nd December 1930.
Alipore Central Jail (New), Kolkata 2nd March, 1932 Ramakrishna	Biswas
9 Dinesh Gupta
S/O Satish Chandra Gupta

born in Munshiganj, Bangladesh. On 8 December 1930, Dinesh, along  with Benoy Basu and Badal Gupta, dressed in European attire, entered the Secretariat Buildings, aka as the  Writers' Building  and  shot  dead the then Inspector General of Prisons Lt.Col.  NS  Simpson. Simpson was known for illegal torture of political prisoners at the Alipore Central Jail, and as part of the Bengal Volunteers, the trio decided to avenge the tortured prisoners by taking on Simspon at his office in the Secretariat Building. Benoy and Badal committed suicide but Dinesh was apprehended and sent to Alipore Central Jail. 19 year old Dinesh  Gupta  was  hanged  on  7  July 1931 at Alipore Jail after a trial. While in prison he wrote a series of letters to his relatives which display his depth of knowledge about literature.
Alipore Central Jail (New) 7th July, 1931 Dinesh Gupta
10 Dinesh Majumdar,
(1907-1934 )
S/O Purna Chandra

Basirhat,  24-Parganas,  West  Bengal. Majumdar shot  dead  Police  Commissioner  Quinn  of Chandannagore  (French). Attempted on the life of Tegart, Police Commissioner, Calcutta on 25th August, 1930, and being arrested  for  the  latter  event  escaped  from  the  Midnapore  Central  Jail  and  went underground. He was recaptured at Cornwallis Street, Calcutta, after a fight with the Police Party. He was executed on June 9, 1934 at the Alipore Central Jail.
Alipore Central Jail (New) 9th June, 1934 Dinesh	Majumdar